Best Business to Start With 20K in Kenya

Are you looking for a business to start with 20k in Kenya? You’re not alone. Many people are interested in starting their own businesses but don’t know where to begin. They want something simple and easy to run to focus on other things while it brings them income. If this sounds like you, then read

List of Top Fintech Companies in Kenya

In this article, I will show you a list of Fintech Companies in Kenya. The list is not in any order. However, if a Fintech Company is on this list, then it is a great company. What do fintech companies do? You might be wondering what Fintech is? What is the job of a Fintech

List of Profitable Business ideas in Kenya

What are some of the profitable business ideas in Kenya? Kenya is a lucrative place to start a business venture with a capital of as little as 1000 shillings. All you need is a strategic location that will enable you to grow your business and source products at lower prices. Sourcing cheaply guarantees higher profit

10 Business Opportunities in Kenya for Youth

In this article, I will introduce the best business opportunities in Kenya for youth. This article has been researched, and the ideas listed here are profitable to those who are determined. If you don’t know, doing business in Kenya is not as easy as many think. It requires hours and days of hard work and

How To Register a Company in Kenya

Registering a company in Kenya today has been much easier since the online registration process. Initially, company registration involved costly and tedious procedures which required one to move from office to office for documents verification. Recently, the Kenyan government introduced the e-Citizen online platform to ease access to government services by the citizens. This was