Best Business to Start With 20K in Kenya

Are you looking for a business to start with 20k in Kenya? You’re not alone. Many people are interested in starting their own businesses but don’t know where to begin. They want something simple and easy to run to focus on other things while it brings them income. If this sounds like you, then read

How to Make Money Online in Kenya

This article is one of the many series I will use to show you how to make money online in Kenya. Well, thanks to the affordable internet in Kenya, making money online is now possible and achievable. All you need is to read this article and have a will to start, and you will surely

List of Top Fintech Companies in Kenya

In this article, I will show you a list of Fintech Companies in Kenya. The list is not in any order. However, if a Fintech Company is on this list, then it is a great company. What do fintech companies do? You might be wondering what Fintech is? What is the job of a Fintech

List of Profitable Business ideas in Kenya

What are some of the profitable business ideas in Kenya? Kenya is a lucrative place to start a business venture with a capital of as little as 1000 shillings. All you need is a strategic location that will enable you to grow your business and source products at lower prices. Sourcing cheaply guarantees higher profit

How To Obtain Your Company KRA PIN

For any company to be considered as legal and operating within Kenya, it must be registered by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). Having a Company KRA PIN is evidence that you have complied to the government’s first requirement which is to register with KRA. As a company, you need a KRA PIN to perform almost all

The Definitive Guide to Asset Financing in Kenya

Asset Financing In Kenya is the only bridge between dreams and reality for many. However, many Kenyans find it hard to achieve their goals of owning a property like vehicles. And that is why today’s article seeks to empower you with tips on how the eight leading financial institutions in Kenya finance dreams to own

10 Business Opportunities in Kenya for Youth

In this article, I will introduce the best business opportunities in Kenya for youth. This article has been researched, and the ideas listed here are profitable to those who are determined. If you don’t know, doing business in Kenya is not as easy as many think. It requires hours and days of hard work and

Personal Loans in Kenya and where to find them

Taking personal loans in Kenya has become the order of the day, at least to almost every Kenyan citizen, whether employed or even running a private business. With the emerging of financial technology, the process of accessing personal loans in Kenya has become like a walk in the park where anyone can get quick money

Logbook Loans in Kenya

This article will show you where to get logbook loans in Kenya and how to apply for one. As the name suggests, a logbook loan is a form of loan where the borrower gives their car as collateral. In this case, the borrower will still have the car and use it to continue paying the