10 Business Opportunities in Kenya for Youth

In this article, I will introduce the best business opportunities in Kenya for youth. This article has been researched, and the ideas listed here are profitable to those who are determined.

If you don’t know, doing business in Kenya is not as easy as many think. It requires hours and days of hard work and persistence. But in the end, with determination and positive will, your efforts will pay off.

Before looking into the various business opportunities for youth in Kenya, allow me to talk about a Government Initiative known as AGPO (Access to Government Procurement Opportunities).

The initiative was launched at KICC on June 29th, 2012 giving 30% of Government Tenders to youth. If you plan to work with the Government, please find a way to check AGPO Website and apply for a certificate. You might not get a tender, but the process will set you on the path to setting up your business the right way.

List of Business Opportunities in Kenya for Youth

So let’s go directly to the kind of business opportunities in Kenya for  Youth; these include:

  1. Events Planning
  2. Online Ventures
  3. Photography
  4. Car Wash Business
  5. Starting a Daycare Business
  6. Agribusiness
  7. Beauty Business
  8. Investing In The Stock Market
  9. Tutoring and Coaching
  10. Entertainment business

Let’s look into them one by one.

Business Opportunities in Kenya

1. Online Ventures

The internet is the future of business in Kenya and anywhere in the world. There are many opportunities for youth online. The best thing about online ventures is that there is little or no capital requirement, depending on the type of business.

The youth are good at adapting to technology, and we can use this to our advantage to start a business online. Examples of online ventures include:

  • Blogging business
  • Freelance Writing
  • Transcription Business
  • Graphic Design Business

2. Events Planning Business

Kenyans are party people; they love to have fun and go out on trips, and every weekend, there is an event in your location.

Why not start an events planning agency? You can start with your friends and ask them to pay for something to take them to a location outside the town. Ask them to bring a friend along, and a group of 10 people can be enough to visit a game park and have fun. Build on that, and soon, you will be running a company.

3. Photography Business

When I talk about photography, forget those guys in the estate with bicycles. I am talking about professional photography. An excellent way to start is to volunteer at events while you get contacts and referrals. You can also shoot your beautiful friends; they will market you on social media.

4. Start a Car Wash Business

I know many will see this as a dirty business, but hey, we are not afraid of the dirt when it comes to running a business. If you live in an estate with plenty of cars, look for space and start this business. Ask your friends and one day do it for fun. The money you will get will make you think of it as a business.

5. Starting a Daycare Business

Adults are busy people; they start families and get so busy trying to make money for those families. Many don’t want to employ nannies and look for daycare centers. Having a modern daycare center is a plus, and you can get many clients.

I know someone who runs a child play center where kids who are not ready for school but can’t stay at the daycare are taken to and play the whole day.

Think of this if you love kids and won’t mind making money while taking care of someone’s child.

6. Agribusiness

Agribusiness is one of the best business opportunities in Kenya for youth. There are groups on Facebook that specifically focus on Agribusiness. People are venturing into Agribusiness because it is profitable, and these days you don’t necessarily need to have a farm.

7. Beauty Business

We all want to be beautiful; the world of beauty will ever be growing. These days you don’t need to own a salon or barbershop to run a beauty business.

In Nairobi CBD, for example, there are many Work Stations where you can find space to run the business in a shared environment. Clients are in plenty, and the operational costs are so minimal.

8. Investing In The Stock Market

The stock market has always been an exciting and profitable opportunity for many years now. If you want to be a millionaire someday, invest in the Stock Market while still young.

Check out this group on Facebook for young stock investors in Kenya.

9. Tutoring and Coaching

If you can teach someone, why not turn it into a business? Parents are always looking for ways to keep their children at school, but hey, they can opt for you. The holidays are an excellent time to try running this kind of business.

10. Entertainment business

Youth are consumers of entertainment ventures, and you can be a supplier being one of them. In estates, we have movie shops; video game launches where children spend their days when not in school. These are just examples; doing a business you enjoy is the best thing you can do in business.

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