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Investing in Kenya 2023

I have been searching for information about Investing in Kenya and the best investment that I can make, my search has led me to look on the internet and also get advice from my...

Kenya Loyalty Pledge

As a loyal Urban Kenyan blogger, I take it as a duty to be loyal to my country. By writing the Kenya Loyalty Pledge and the National Anthem. The Kenya Loyalty Pledge Here is The Kenyan Loyalty Pledge...

Writing for StoryMoja Hay Festival

StoryMoja Hay Festival 2014   You will notice a badge on the right sidebar of this blog saying that this blog is a Storymoja Festival 2014 participant this is basically a confirmation that I have been...

Watch For The New World Bank’s Young Professional Program

I am calling it new because last year, the World Bank halted it’s more than 50-year-old Young Professionals Program selection process, usually conducted around June, due to ongoing internal reorganization. Although there has been a...


The 2002 PGA European Gold Season has gotten off to a great start…in Kenya. The Kenya Open golf tournament is considered the first event of the European season. Held at Muthaiga Golf Club, the Open...

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