Top Absa Bank Kenya Loans

In this article, we will review the top Absa bank Kenya loans.

Absa bank Kenya was formerly Known as Barclays bank Kenya. This bank is part of Absa Group limited a financial services bank operating in Africa. Moreover, Absa Group bank is listed on the South Africa stock exchange and has operations in 12 African countries.

It is worth noting that Absa bank Kenya is committed to offering local and unique solutions to our unique problem. Therefore, securing a loan from Absa bank Kenya is one of the best things one can do to secure their financial freedom.

Why get an Absa Bank Kenya loan?

  1. Absa bank Kenya tries to personalize each customer’s cost of a loan based on their ability to pay and credit score. Therefore, the better your credit scores, the cheaper your loan might be.
  2. If you apply for your loan using Timiza App, you are able to get your loan straight away.
  3. In case you need more funds and you already have a loan with Absa bank, a top-up option is available.
  4. You can choose to repay your loan early if the circumstances favor you without having to worry about being charged exorbitantly.

Top Absa Bank Kenya Loans

As part of Absa Bank Kenya solving problems innovatively, it offers a wide variety of loans. These loans are categorized on whether you want to get a loan for self or for a home mortgage.

Personal Loans

Absa bank Kenya offers two major types of personal loans to its customers. Unsecured personal loans and secured personal loans.

A) Unsecured Loan non Checkoff

Give yourself endless possibilities by making an application for this loan.

One is able to access up to KES 6,000,000 with a repayment period between 12-72 months.

In order to be able to qualify for these loans:

  • This loan facility is open to contract workers, self-employed individuals or even employed individuals
  • You will need to open an Absa bank account and present 6 months bank statement as well as the latest payslip.
  • No security is needed so just come as you are.

B) Timiza Loan App

One can also access an Absa bank Kenya loan online without having to visit the bank.

All you need in order to access a loan from Timiza is to download the application from Google Play store, register, and then request a loan.

The best thing about accessing an unsecured loan via Timiza is that it might be slightly cheaper.

C) Unsecured Loan checkoff loan

Absa bank Kenya signs an MOU with your employer to be issuing loans to its employees while deducting payments directly from their salaries.

What does this loan Offer?

  • One can borrow up to KES 6 Million
  • Affordable insuarance during your credit life
  • Easy approval process which translates to easy access of borrowed funds
  • The repayment period is between 12 -72 months
  • You don’t have to hassle about making repayments as its directly deducted from your Salary.

D) Mortgage Loans

Mortgage loans are other top Absa bank Kenya loans being offered in Kenya. Through this loan product, one is able to access a loan despite their mode of acquiring a loan.

This loan product is quite diversified in that depending on whether one would prefer buying a built house or a piece of land and developing it, then there is a loan.

All you need to do is decide what suits your needs best and then visit any Absa bank Kenya branches and discuss the details of your mortgage loan.

Depending on whether you decide to build or buy, the repayment period for this loan is between 20 – 25 years.

E) Equity Release Loan

Equity release loan is another top Absa bank Kenya loans in Kenya. This loan product enables you to release your funds tied up in the value of your property.

You are able to access up to 80% the value of the property using this loan product.

Other features of this loan include:

  • A repayment period of about 15 years
  • One’s property needs to be valued at 1.5M(upcountry) and 2M if in Nairobi
  • One has to pay a valuation fee at o.25% value of property
  • Security fee is also charged

Conclusion – Top Absa Bank Kenya Loans

Absa Bank Kenya offers the most innovative and affordable loan products to its customers. Most of its customers have reviewed this financial institution to be offering the best loans in Kenya today.

Therefore, if you would like a little boost, reach out to Absa bank Kenya and they will boost your income without hassle.

Absa Bank Contacts

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +254(732)130120, +254(722)130120




Mary Nzoka
Mary is a Financial Genius, having worked as a Financial Manager at a local bank, she has immense knowledge on how the finance and credit world works. She writes about personal finance, business loans, and personal loans.

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