How to Register for NHIF in Kenya

We will show you how to register for NHIF cover both offline and online. A person who is a resident in Kenya and has attained the age of 18 years, whose total income from salaries or self-employment is more than Ksh 1000 per month and Ksh 12,000 per year, is eligible for registration/membership with NHIF Kenya. This includes foreign visitors permitted to work in Kenya.

You can always check the NHIF Rates to know precisely the amount you are required to contribute monthly.

Requirements for NHIF Registration

  • A copy of National ID (including spouse if applicable).
  • Recent colored passport size photos (including spouse & dependents if applicable).
  • Original & copies of Birth Certificate(s) for dependents
  • A copy of Employer Appointment/Introduction Letter (this excludes self-employed/voluntary contributors).

The requirement for Foreign Residents

  • Photocopies of passport, alien certificate, or work permit (including spouse if applicable).
  • Colored passport photo (including spouse & dependents if applicable).

Registration Requirement for Foreign Students.

  • Photocopy of passport.
  • Colored passport size photo.

Download and fill in the membership forms from the official NHIF Kenya website, then submit the above documents and the required amount under the Voluntary/Self Employed Category at any NHIF branches located countrywide.

NHIF Online Registration Procedure

To register for NHIF Kenya online, visit on your computer.

For Self Registration

  • Visit the NHIF Kenya Portal online
  • Click on the “Self Employed” tab on the Menu provided
  • Select your identification type, i.e., Kenyan or alien identity card
  • Proceed to fill in the form in the following fields.
  • Attach a Scanned Copy of Your ID/PassPort/Alien ID and passport photo
  • If married, attach Your Marriage Certificate.
  • Click Save to apply.

Note: The system will notify you of your application status by sending an SMS notification to the Contributor’s Mobile Number. You can also check your NHIF Balance on the phone anytime.

How to include your spouse and children in your NHIF card

You can add your spouse and children to your NHIF card by visiting any of the NHIF branch offices or Huduma Kenya Center near you.

Documents required to include your spouse and children in your NHIF card

  1.  A photocopy of your ID and that of your spouse.
  2. A copy of your marriage certificate or an affidavit from the magistrates’ court if you do not have a certificate.
  3. Copies of your children’s birth certificates or birth notifications if they are between 0-and 6 months. And finally, remember to attach color passport size photos of all dependants.

How to reactivate your NHIF Account

To reactivate your account, pay Ksh 1,500 via M-PESA Paybill number 200222 using your National ID as the account number. However, your card will be restricted for two months before you can access the benefit.


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