Public service commission Kenya salary scale 2023


The following is a Public service commission Kenya salary scale for 2022. The government has employed stringent regulations on salaries for all public service workers.

Every Kenyan Knows that the country is currently under pressure due to the debts that have accumulated into the billions if not trillions. As such, the government has been strictly reviewing and revising salaries to ensure that no money is lost into paying people over-rated salaries.

Recently, the Sarah Selem’s salaries and remunerations commission, (SRC) released an updated salary structure for more than 700,000 civil servants in the country whose salaries were reviewed and revised.

According to SRC, the salaries that these civil servants will be getting will be complementary to the services they offer.

Public service commission Kenya salary scale

As such, there are those whose salaries were raised while for some, the salaries were slashed following this Public service commission Kenya salary scale.

This comes just after the release of the parastatal Salary scale and the teacher’s service commission salary scale.

The civil servants were graded into job graded depending on their qualifications. Each job Grade was allocated a certain salary scale that the qualifiers would get.

Public service commission Kenya salary scale

Senior civil servants fall under job grade E4 while the lowest paid civil servant was placed in job grade B1. SRC is optimistic that the new salary scale will deliver value across government institutions and minimize wastage of revenues on remunerations.

Public service commission Kenya salary scale 2022

Grade Minimum Maximum
E4 292,765 576,120
E2 221,508 282,954
E1 198,267 257,747
D5 150,202 198,267
D4 132,178 174,425
D3 114,334 152,064
D2 97,184 130,226
D1  81,148 109,550
C5 ( Group N ) 64,919 81,148
C4 ( Group M )  54,532 68,165
C3 ( Group L ) 44,989 56,326
C2 ( Group K ) 36,441 47,373
C1 ( Group J )  28,970 39,110
B5 ( Group H ) 23,176 28,970
B4 ( Group G )  19,859 24,823
B3 ( Group F )  16,77 20,972
B2 ( Group E ) 14,007 17,508
B1 ( Group A-D ) 11,553 14,442


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