Afrika Loan App (2019)

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Mobile loans are now becoming the order of the day, with the latest one being Afrika Loan App.

Afrika Loan App provides instant loans to its customers at very affordable and favourable rates, which ranges between 0.8% and 15.2% per month.

The repayment time compares to other lenders happens to be even the best, depending on the amount borrowed it ranges between 7days and one year.

How to download Afrika Loan App

  1. One of the most important things you require an android phone.
  2. On the phone tap on the Google play store always make sure you get the logo of the app right.
  3. Click on the install icon and wait for the app to download then install in your phone automatically.
  4. Then click on the open icon to start using the Afrika Loan app

How to get started on the Afrika Loan App

Just like any other app, you do not require paperwork for you to get started and get a loan. All you need to do is follow a few steps that will help you with the registration process on the App.

Here are the steps to follow during the registration process

  1. Once you have downloaded the app on your phone, the first thing you will get is a message with the terms and conditions where you are required to accept and move to the next step of the registration.
  2. Then click on the get your first loan button.
  3. Then enter your National Identity number
  4. Enter your phone number
  5. Fill in your details as in the ID
  6. A confirmation code will be sent to your phone number, which you will use to log in to your Afrika Loan App.

How do you apply for Afrika Loan

After you have registered with Afrika Loan app, it is time to request for your loan.

First, check with the app what limit you have for your first loan. For Afrika Loan app the minimum you can borrow is Kes 500 and Maximum is Kes 50,000

Then on the app click on the apply loan Icon and select the amount you need

Then send for approval. Once done, you will receive the money instantly to your M-Pesa account.

For Afrika Loan, the faster you pay back, the more chances you get for higher loan limits.

Repayment Plans

Every loan has a repayment plan, and Afrika Loan is not an exception.

The app has affordable loan interests for every client who is a regular borrower pays an annual interest rate of 10%-182.5% annually depending on the amount borrowed.

With this loan, you are allowed to pay in instalment. All you need to check is the amount need to be paid plus the interest rates

Interest rates are calculated depending on such factors as :

Personal repayment history and the cost of lending for Afrikaloan.

  1. On the app click on the Loans icon
  2. Then an Icon marked as payment. At the top, you will see the amount to be repaid
  3. Then make your first instalment payment.
  4. Continue with the process until the last day of repayment.
  5. As a user, you can also opt to pay your loan at once

You can also use the pay bill number:697566
Account Number: Your mobile phone number.

Advantages of using Afrika Loan App

Mobile Loans have for the past few years being people’s financial saviour, especially in times of emergency.

Let me now take you through the advantages of having Afika Loan app on your phone

  1. It is purely online. All you require is a smartphone. No paperwork needed to apply for a loan.
  2. Low-interest rates of up to 2%
  3. Flexibility loan repayment terms. This is where the user is given a chance to pay the loan in instalment
  4. Can pay the loan up to 12months
  5. It is quick and convenient
  6. It is safe and secure as all personal user data is protected and cannot be shared with the third party.
  7. Great customer services.


  1. Due to the easy access, it has led to excessive borrowing leading to more debts among lower-income people.
  2. Short repayment period

How do Afrika Loan app bonus work

Afrika Loan always has identified a way of awarding all their loyal customers.

For a client to qualify for a bonus, they need to repay their loans on time to create a trustworthy environment as well as excellent rapport.

As a token of our appreciation, the client is offered favourable credit terms and an increased loyalty level with each loan.

Each loyalty level improves the loan terms as follows:

  • increases the available loan amount up to KSh 5.000
  • extends the possible loan repayment time up to 56 days
  • reduces the interest rate by up to 50%

How to improve your loyalty level

Pay your loan on time without delay.

How to contact Afrika Loan App

There are several ways of reaching the Afrika Loan app

You can use their social media handles, which are:

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