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In this section, we will go through different types of online loans available in Kenya. Whether they are mobile loan apps or just online loans.

Kenya is a revolutionary nation and many Kenyans are accessing these loans online and on their phones.

Some of the loans include:
List of online loans in Kenya
Here is an ultimate list of online loans we are going to cover in this website:

Tala Loans
Branch Loans
KCB M-Pesa
Saida Loans
Timiza Loans by Barclays
Haraka Loans
Stawika Loans

We have more and we will list them more so keep here and make sure you subscribe.

Are you in urgent need of finance? If yes, then you need to try the Haraka loan applications platform. In this article, I will show you a step by step procedure on how to get a loan from Haraka...
Jazika loan App is one of Kenya's Mobile Loans Apps owned by Jazika Ventures. The mobile loan app allows you to access credit from your phone when you need. No one likes the feeling of having an empty pocket, it is...
Fadhili loan app is one of the mobile loan apps in Kenya today. If you need a loan anytime, you can run to Fadhili app and you might be sorted. With Fadhili loan app, you can get a loan from...
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The Tala loan App is one of the best finance app and the best thing that technology and mobile money has brought to Kenyans home and abroad. It has saved situations, paid for school fees, medical expenses and the...
mKey Loan app is a development by Fineserve Kenya. Fineserve, which is a subsidiary group of the Equity Group developed Mkey in the aim of combining social networking, finance and lifestyle capabilities. With the Mkey app, one does not only get a...

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