Best Loan Apps in Kenya [Working in 2021]

Are you looking for a loan in Kenya? Well, read through this list of loan apps in Kenya in 2020. We live in exciting times where you can get everything from the palms of your hands, including obtaining credit. This article will review the popular loan apps available today. If an app is missing, kindly

List of Microfinance Institutions in Kenya

Many Kenyans do not have bank accounts. Those who have bank accounts either have little or no savings. This makes it hard for them to access loans from the banks. For this reason, Microfinance Institutions in Kenya play a vital role. Microfinance Institutions in Kenya offer small (micro) loans to customers who can not access

How To Register a Company in Kenya

Registering a company in Kenya today has been much easier since the online registration process. Initially, company registration involved costly and tedious procedures which required one to move from office to office for documents verification. Recently, the Kenyan government introduced the e-Citizen online platform to ease access to government services by the citizens. This was

Fixed Deposit Rates in Kenya

In this article, I will list financial institutions with the BEST Fixed deposit rates in Kenya. Are you an upcoming investor or just a regular person looking to invest your money and don’t know how to? Today you will learn more about Fixed Deposits. Many people, especially those looking to invest, are opting for fixed

List of Quick Mobile Loans in Kenya

Where do I access quick mobile loans in Kenya in 2020? This is a question most of us will find ourselves seeking an answer to as the economic conditions in Kenya get more uncertain. We will always list all quick mobile loans in Kenya and furnish you with the most legit ones. So that when

Instant Safaricom M-Pesa Loans

In today’s article, we will continue with our series of discussing instant loans in Kenya. Our main focus today is instant Safaricom M-Pesa loans in Kenya. Safaricom is a leading telecommunications company in Kenya. In Kenya, it has the widest and strongest coverage all over the country. Safaricom has been in operations in Kenya for

Opesa Loan App Download and Application

Opesa loan app is a mobile loan application that provides fast credit loans to M-Pesa users in Kenya. The loan app is developed by Tenspot Kenya Limited and is available for download on Google Play Store only. Just like any other loan app available on the market, the Opesa loan app does not require any form of