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My experience with digital lending apps in Kenya

Today I am going to do something different and take you through a personal experience with mobile loan apps that are easily downloadable on Google Store.

Well, I have downloaded almost all of them out there and been able to access loans since 2018. If you have never taken a loan from these apps maybe you can learn a thing or two.

However, if you know and have taken several apps, you might relate to everything I am going to share here.

Make sure you leave a comment and share your experience.

Gramma Nazis, please!. Hii Lugha ilikuja na Matatu huko kwetu.

Let’s get started.

My Digital Lending Experience

First, I want to say that most of these apps are legit while some are scams and can be avoided. I have not downloaded any that is a scam but I have downloaded some that said I didn’t qualify for a loan.

So let’s begin with the best

1. Branch

This is the best app out there, my experience has been good and they gave me loans mpaka I remember at one point I got 30K. They have longer periods for you to pay and have not nudged me so far.

I joined branch in 2018 and I have been using it ever since until Miss Rona came around and I am unable to pay the last loan I took.

The best thing they don’t pressure me like the others which I will share below (Worst).

For those who don’t know, branch app does not only operate in Kenya but in several other countries. They offer loans from a minimum of  Ksh 250 and can reach up to a maximum of Ksh 70,000.

2. Tala

I don’t know anyone who has never taken a loan from Tala.

My journey on the app has been good and at one point I got 30K from them. This is the highest amount they can loan you in Kenya. Shida ni their repayment period of 1 month.

Just like branch, I defaulted because of Miss Rona but hawajanisumbua na texts, although they text every day hawana vitisho.

Something I noticed, is that there was a time they refused to offer loans, I think in March or April this year then they, later on, offered me a loan of 5K. This means that if you used to get 30K from them, now they can only give you 5K.

This is because CBK denied them access to CRB.

But this Tala is an App I can recommend to you if you have a problem.

3. HF Whizz

HF Whizz is a good and legit lending app backed by the Housing Finance Corporation. It is not just a loans app but a banking app. So you will become a customer of HF if you decide to use this app.

I used to get good loans from HF Whizz app but when Miss … (You know who I am talking about) came around they completely denied me loans. Every time I check, they say that my limit is Zero.

This app is not a friend in need.

4. NCBA Loop

When they launched the app, I was among the first to join and so far it’s my favourite banking app. They used to call it CBA loop but now it is NCBA Loop.

To get a loan from this app, you have to use it for some time (Like 3 months). You have to deposit money to the app and use it to buy stuff. They will give you an offer which if you accept pesa inaigia kwa account.

So far the best and I don’t have a loan with them since the amount they offer is too big I am afraid of taking it.

5. Eazzy App from Equity

Equity is my bank and the app is way better than their Equitel lines. But to use it, you need the Equitel line.

The problem with them is if you default, they take your money saved in the account without questions.

I defaulted by a day, they took my balance and blocked me from accessing their Eazzy loans mpaka sahii.

6. Zenka

They used to be good, I used them for several months but now they don’t offer loans. The first loan they give you free (You don’t pay interest) but the others, the interest is high compared to akina branch and tala.

7. iPesa

This app will give you money but delay in paying by just a day and they will start calling all your contacts to humiliate you. I don’t recommend them. Plus their repayment time is little and their agents though polite will call you even a day before the due date. They will start adding some % on your loan each day you miss to repay.

I always get a loan from them but tabia ndio mbaya.

8. Okash

Did I say iPesa wako na tabia mbaya? Well, Okash is the true digital shylock. Their interest rates are high, their repayment period is so little and they have rude agents.

That is if, you fail to repay their loans.

They will start texting you 3 days before your due date and on the due date, they will start threatening you.

They will go ahead and call any contact on your phone. If you happen to pick one of their many calls, they will insult you without even greetings.

Only take their loans if you know you will repay in time.

That is my experience from digital lending apps in Kenya. If I have not mentioned a lending app, then its a waste of time on your end.

The likes of Haraka (Nowhere on the play store), stawika, zash, etc.

What is your experience? Let me know in the comments.

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