Log Book Loan: Where and how to access it

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A logbook loan as the name suggests is a form of loan where the borrower gives their car as collateral.

In this case, the borrower will still have the car and use it as they continue paying the loan but cannot claim ownership. This is because the lender has the car’s logbook.

The car belongs to the lender until the loan has been fully paid.

In most cases, this form of loan can be classified as emergency loan especially if you are in dire need of emergency money and you have a car.

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How does a logbook loan work

This happens to be the most convenient way of getting quick money especially if you own a car and you need the money more or less worth your car.

When you take out a logbook loan, you hand over your registration documents or vehicle logbook to the lender until your loan is repaid.

Using a logbook loan you:

  • Can choose to borrow between 6 months and 5 years

  • Have to pay interest

  • Can spend the money on anything you like (not just a buying a vehicle)

Places to access Logbook loan in Kenya

Here are places to get logbook loan in Kenya

1. FinCredit

At FinCredit you are required to give your car as security, by pledging it for 12 months, however, you will be allowed to use the car as you enjoy the loan.

Once your car has been evaluated you are eligible to 50 per cent of the value of your car.


  • Copy of PIN
  • Copy of Utility Bill
  • Certified Payslips (3 months)
  • Certified Bank Statements (6 mths)
  • Signed chattels mortgage document

2. Ngao Credits

Ngao Credits gives you up to 50 per cent the value of your car in less than 24 hrs to repay within a period of up to 20 months.

Unlike other creditors, you can borrow up to Kes 3million depending on the value of your car.


  • Original logbook
  •  Original national ID & PIN
  •  Latest 6 months bank statements
  •  Post-dated cheque(s)
  •  Comprehensive insurance

3. Platinum Credit

At Platinum Credit, all loans including the logbook loan are subjected to a loan appraisal process.

Once a loan has been approved the loan will be disbursed within 24 hours, either Via Mpesa, cheque or to a bank account.


  • Copy of KRA Pin.
  • One recent colour passport-sized photographs
  • Original Vehicle Logbook
  • Clear copy of the original ID.
  • Certified Bank statements for the last six months
  • Valid Comprehensive Insurance cover.
  • Certificate of Incorporation/registration for business owners
  • Personal cheque book.
  • Latest 3 months payslips and Contract letter for Salaried Employees

4. Jijenge Credit

The loan product is designed for Jijenge Credit clients to enable them to access quick logbook loans especially to those who own motor vehicles.

A client is eligible for up to  60%  of the car market value.


  • Must have an original & 2 copies of the logbook
  • 2 coloured passport size photos
  • Last 1-month bank & Mpesa statements certified
  • Original & 2 copies of National ID.
  • 2 copies of KRA pin certificate
  • Valid Comprehensive Insurance certificate.
  • Certificate of Incorporation / registration. (For Business owners only)
  • Personal cheque book.
  • Latest 1-month payslip and employment letter for Salaried Employees

5. Mwananchi Credit Limited

The facility is secured using your cars’ logbook of up to KSH. 20 million.

Individual who qualifies for the loan product must have a car, van or motorcycle which will act as collateral.

The loan is then available in less than 24hrs which is more convenient to a client who is in dire need for quick money.


  • Original Logbook
  • KRA Pin of Applicant
  • A national ID of Applicant
  • 2 Passport Photos
  • 6 Months Bank Statements
  • Comprehensive Insurance Certificate

6. Africa Credit Limited

Africa Credit is a micro-finance company that offers loans serviced by motor vehicle logbooks.

7. Bridgewater Capital

With Bridge Water, you can request up to 1million logbook loan.

Once you qualify for the loan you will receive it in 24 to 48 hours. For you to be eligible for a loan, your vehicle should be at least up to 10 years old.


  • Must be a Kenyan Citizen
  • Be in a position to show you can afford to pay the loan. This may mean you have a running business or employed.
  • Must own a vehicle which is free of finance and insured

8. Momentum Credit

At Momentum Credit a client is eligible for up to KES 5,000,000 to receive it within 24 hours.

The institution lends you up to 50% the value of your car.


  • Must have 3 months payslip for the employed clients
  • Must have 6 months active bank account
  • Must have an original logbook
  • Copy of National ID
  • Copy of KRA Pin
  • Proof of Residence
  • One Passport Photo
  • Proof of Comprehensive Insurance

9. Galpo Capital

At Galpo Capital they arrange same day loans in exchange for the registration document, while you keep the use of your vehicle.

We finance 50% of the logbook value from a minimum of Ksh.50, 000.














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