Juhudi Kilimo Finance – Offering affordable Loans

Juhudi Kilimo is a microfinance organization operating in Kenya offering agricultural asset loans as well as working capital loans.

One unique thing about Juhudi Kilimo is that it has revolutionized how to determine the creditworthiness of its borrowers. Moreover, Juhudi Kilimo exists to make funds accessible to farmers operating in the rural areas in Kenya.

In this article, we will look at the various affordable loans that Juhudi Kilimo extends to farmers.

Juhudi Kilimo Finance – Offering the Best Loans in Kenya

Let’s look at the various loan products available to farmers who are members of Juhudi Kilimo Finance.

  1. Farm Equipment Loans

Farm equipment loans are an affordable loan product that is aimed at ensuring that Juhudi Kilimo finance farmers are able to buy various farm equipment to make their lives easy.

These types of equipment include Water tanks, greenhouse, irrigation equipment, motor vehicles, trucks, freezers, milking machine e.t.c

2. Crop Farming Loans

Sometimes it gets to planting season, and a farmer my be lacking the funds to purchase seeds, chemicals, and fertilizers. The crop farming loan is a product of Juhudi Kilimo that enables farmers to access funds easily to purchase seeds and fertilizers.

3. Working Capital Loans

When its time to take your business to the next level, Juhudi Kilimo will still be here for you. This affordable loan product is therefore developed to enable micro-entrepreneurs to invest in animal trade, milk vending, transport systems, agro vets as well as Agriprocessors among others.

4. Animal farming Loans

In addition to the loans above, Kilimo Juhudi also offers affordable animal farming loans. With this loan, a farmer can invest in high breed dairy cows, beekeeping, pig rearing, poultry farming among others.

Kilimo Juhudi
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5. Clean energy loans

This is a unique and affordable loan product that enables farmers to purchase eco-friendly products such as solar lamps, solar panels, water purifies, modern cooking stoves, solar water pumps among others.

6. Consumer loans

Sometimes, it might be hard to pay your children’s school fees on time. Kilimo Juhudi extends affordable loans to farmers to be able to pay for their children’s school fees in time. Moreover, this loan product can cater for other things such as hospital bills, as well as other emergencies.

7.Micro housing loans

There are other farmers that are also landlords. This loan product targets them by providing finances to facilitate construction as well as renovations.

8. Chama Loans

Moreover, Juhudi Kilimo is well interested in wealth creation and financial independence of everyone who is part of them. With this Loan product, therefore, Chama’s are able to come together and get loans to further their financial security.

How do I apply for a Loan?

There are a few simple steps to accessing a loan from Juhudi Kilimo Finance:

  • Log into their website – https://juhudikilimo.com
  • Once logged, select the type of loan you would like to borrow
  • Click on the apply button and fill in all the details required.
  • After application, you will be sent a test to take – this will. be in order to determine your creditworthiness
  • Juhudi Kilimo will reach out to you on the decisions made

Why Should I take a loan from Juhudi Kilimo?

  1. Your creditworthiness will be accessed based on other things other than your ability to provide security.
  2. Their loans are affordable and easy to access
  3. In addition to getting your loan easily, you also gain access to training
  4. Through Juhudi Labs, you are able to access a place to innovate your products and add value hence increasing returns.
  5.  Moreover, the loan repayment periods are very flexible as Juhudi Kilimo is always here vouching for your success.

Where can I find Kilimo Juhudi Offices?

Kilimo Juhudi has offices in eight regions in Kenya. The head office is in Nairobi, along Argwins Kodhek road. The other regions include:

  • Central Rift Region
  • Mount Elgon Region
  • Eastern Region
  • North Rift Region
  • Mount Kenya Region
  • Western Region
  • South Rift region

For more information, please contact Juhudi Kilimo through the following:

Phone: +254 709 69 20 00
Email: info@juhudikilimo.com
Website: https://juhudikilimo.com





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