Top 10 Investment Saccos in Kenya in 2020

Finding the Best Investment SACCOs is every person’s desire. With the increase in the number of SACCOS in Kenya today, one can easily fall a victim of scams posing as investment SACCOS.

SASRA regulates savings And Credit Cooperative Organizations (SACCO). The Sacco And Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA), is a governmental organisation mandated with the task to oversee SACCO activities in Kenya. Therefore, the first step to knowing if a SACCO is worth your investment is to check if SASRA registers it.

But how do you choose the Best Investment SACCO in Kenya today? This article outlines features of a reasonable investment SACCO as well as a list of Top Ten Best Investment SACCOs.

Features of Investment SACCOs

To know whether you are making the right decision or not while investing in a SACCO, look for the following characteristics.

  • A good Investment SACCO will boost your confidence when investing in it.
  • Good SACCOs will provide you with the relevant information you need to make investments that have good returns.
  • A good SACCO will safeguard your interests as a stakeholder and offer you avenues to expand your wealth with minimal risk.

SACCOs that put the investors’ interests as the last option are likely to collapse. In that case, it is not advisable to invest in such SACCOs since the collapse of a SACCO means loss of invested money.

Top 10 Investment SACCOs in Kenya

Below is a list of the Top Ten Best Investment SACCOs in Kenya today.

  1. Unaitas SACCO
  2. Kenya Police SACCO
  3. Stima SACCO
  4. K-Unity SACCO
  5. Waumini SACCO
  6. Maisha Bora SACCO
  7. Hazina SACCO
  8. Wanandege SACCO
  9. Harambee SACCO
  10. Imarika SACCO.

1. Unaitas SACCO

Unaitas SACCO was started in 1993 as a cooperative society known as Muramati in Murang’a County. It has grown over the years to various parts of the country. Today, Unaitas SACCO is a deposit-taking SACCO.

Unaitas SACCO is widely known for business investments and its famous for small-scale investors. This SACCO gives out loans to members up to three times the member’s savings. With repayment interests ranging between 1% and 1.5% per month with a reducing balance, loan periods can be extended up to 72 months.

2. Kenya Police SACCO

The Kenya police SACCO was founded in 1972 to serve those who worked in the Kenya Police Force. Currently, the SACCO is open for all Kenyans and has a membership of over 52,000.

Loans offered to members are as much as three times the members’ investment. The interests on loans from the Kenya Police SACCO are slightly high, and loans take 48 months. However, this SACCO is well known for excellence in services to investors.

The Kenya Police SACCO headquarters is located in the Ngara area, Nairobi.

3. Stima SACCO

Stima SACCO is famous for land investments. The SACCO was started in 1974 and has seen tremendous growth since then. Currently, the SACCO has five branches across the country.

This SACCO offers loans up to two times the member’s savings. The interests charged on loans are as low as 1%  per month with a reducing balance. The loan periods are extendable for up to 60 months.

Stima SACCO has branches in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret and Olkaria.

4. K-Unity SACCO

This SACCO is majorly centred in Nairobi and Kiambu regions. It was formerly registered in 1974. The SACCO membership is open to all but through vetting.

New members get vetted through the membership policy before being registered. The SACCO is famous for small business growth.

K-Unity SACCO gives loans up to four times the member’s savings at an interest of 1% per month at a reducing balance.

5. Waumini SACCO

Waumini is a SACCO founded by the Catholic Church for members of the congregation. The SACCO gives loans of up to three times the member’s savings. The loan is repaid within five years at an interest rate of 12.5% per anum.

This SACCO is best for short-term projects and not longterm ones such as home construction.

6. Maisha Bora SACCO

The SACCO was started in 1974 by a group of employees from the Unilever company. Currently, the SACCO offers membership to all interested persons.

The SACCO gives loans up to three times the members investment. The loans are charged an interest of 1% per month on a reducing balance. The loan periods in this SACCO do not exceed six years.

7. Hazina SACCO

This SACCO focuses on county government employees, National government employees, government organisation employees, as well as those in the private sector.

The SACCO was founded in 1971 and has grown to become a deposit-taking SACCO society with a membership of over 15,000.

The SACCO offers loans up to 3.5 times the member’s savings. The interest charged is 1% per month on a reducing balance. The loan period is extendable to 72 months.

8. Wanandege SACCO

This SACCO was started in 1977 for Kenya airline and aviation staff. Currently, the Sacco has two branches, one in Nairobi and the other in Mombasa.

The SACCO is open to all members from both the aviation industry and other non-related companies. Members of the SACCO can access loans up to three times their savings. The loan period does not exceed four years, and interest of 1% per month with a reducing balance is charged.

9. Harambee SACCO

Harambee SACCO was started in 1970 by low-income earners and subordinate staff at the office of the president. Today, the SACCO commands an asset base of over Ksh.19 billion with a membership of over 80,000.

The SACCO membership is open to all. Although one has to qualify through the membership policy before being declared a member. Members of the SACCO can access loans up to three times their savings for a period not exceeding four years.

10. Imarika SACCO

Imarika SACCO was started in 1974 by employees of the Teacher Service Commission in Kilifi. During its registration, Imarika SACCO had only 100 members. The SACCO has grown over time, and currently, it has over 37,000 members.

Members of Imarika SACCO can access loans up to two times their savings at a 12.5% monthly interest.  The allowed repayment period for loans from Imarika SACCO is five years.

Different SACCOs have different modes of operation. Therefore, you should look for one whose conditions favour your interests as an investor. Investing in legitimate SACCOs is one of the best ways to safeguard your money for future use.

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  1. Thank you for this insightful article. My name is Joyce, am still not sure which sacco is the best for a contractual worker. I have a problem with saving and i think a sacco will help me out. Please recommend a sacco you would consider best for a person like me.


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