Leading Investment Companies in Kenya

It is tough to quickly rank the leading investment companies in Kenya in today’s world.

There is minimal information out here about determining a good investment company.

Therefore, in today’s article, we aim to discuss the leading investment companies in Kenya.

We will rank them based on the value for money to customers.

However, it is essential to note that this investment world is quite volatile and dynamic. Therefore, we aim to simplify it for beginners to gain a valuable list of leading investment companies.

An investment company is tasked with managing its client’s investment.

Therefore, investment management becomes the handling of financial assets by devising long-term and short-term strategies to dispose of the portfolio.

Top Leading Investment Companies in Kenya

Here is a list of the top investment companies in Kenya to consider.

  1. Everstrong Capital

Everstrong Capital is a leading investment company in Kenya with offices in Kenya, the USA, and Europe.

This investment company is focused on creating investment opportunities good for life. Moreover, it is essential to note that Everstrong Capital spreads its investments in four sectors:

  • Communication
  • Energy and power
  • Water sectors
  • Transportation

If you would like to invest with a very proud company building the 21st-century infrastructure, it is.

Contact Everstrong Capital Ltd
4th Floor, Mara 1 Block
Eldama Park, Eldama Ravine Rd
Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya

2. Standard Investment Bank

Where else would one invest their hard-earned cash than the Standard investment bank? It is one of the oldest investment banks in Kenya that have continued to deliver value to its investors.

Moreover, this bank offers a wide variety of investment opportunities for one to choose from. Whether it be;

  • Global markets
  • SIB Asset Management
  • SIB Fixed Income
  • Equities
  • Corporate finance & Research

All these services should prove to you that no matter what your investment needs are, SIB can meet them.

Moreover, Standard Investment Bank has a 4.5 rating on google reviews. This points out that it is delivering value for its investors.

Location – 16th-floor JKUAT building, Kenyatta Avenue
Mobile: +254(0) 777 333 000, WhatsApp +254(0) 793 333 000
Email: [email protected]

3. Kestrel Capital

There are those investors solely focused on investing in the capital market. This is what Kestrel Capital exclusively specializes in.

Kestrel Capital is, therefore, an investment bank that the Kenyan Capital Authority has licensed as a bond trader and stockbroker.

This company has won various accolades, such as 2017 awards for Equities and bond dealers.

The primary services offered by Kestrel Capital Include:

  • Corporate finance advisory
  • Private placements of equity and debt
  • Bond trading and stockbroking
  • NSE listings and IPOs
  • Investment placing
  • Commercial paper placing

Reach out to Kestrel Capital
Location – Orbit Place, 2nd Floor, Westlands road
Email – [email protected]

4. Faida Investment Bank

This top leading investment company in Kenya links investors to valuable opportunities.

Moreover, Faida Bank does this by offering a wide range of services which are as stated below:

  • Managed futures
  • Brokerage services
  • Market research
  • Advisory services

It’s worth noting that this investment bank has been in operation for over two decades now and has been licensed by the Capital Markets Authority.

A good reason to invest with Faida Investment bank is that it has extensive networks, even Rwanda Securities. It, therefore, does not hurt to diversify your investments in different companies.

Location – Crawford Business Park, State House Road, Nairobi
Phone – 020 7606026-37
Email – [email protected]

5. Cytonn Investments

For those who would like our wealth and investment management to be personalized to our needs, Cytonn Investments is here just for this.

All the investment management services offered by Cytonn investment to its customers are usually tailor-made to meet their needs.

In addition to the personalized touch, there is a wide variety of investment services that one can choose from.

  • Money Market -this is the simplest as all you need to do is dial *809#, and boom, you have started investing!
  • Real Estate – Real estate is your best investment option for assured long-term returns. Some of the most famous real estate projects by Cytonn include the Alma, Taraji Height, and the Ridge.
  • Cytonn Education – Investing in a learning institution has never gone wrong.

Location – Liasion House, 3rd floor, State House Road, Nairobi
Phone – Cell +254(0) 709 101 000
WhatsApp +254(0) 748 070 000

6. Centum Investments

This is the leading investment company in East Africa, with profitable projects sprawled everywhere.

Through Centum Investment, investors can invest in a wide array of sectors in the Kenyan economy. These sectors include securities, the agricultural industry, Private equity, financial services, the power sector, and the education sector.

To ensure that investors get the best value, Centum has various subsidiaries operating in some of the sectors outlined above.

These subsidiaries include:

  • Centum real estate – deals with real estate projects
  • Centum capital partners – Private equity fund management
  • Nabo capital – Marketable securities

7. Apex Africa Capital

Apex Africa Capital is a leading investment company in Kenya for brokerage services.

This investment company specializes majorly in Stockbroking, corporate finance, portfolio management, and research.

Therefore, Apex Africa capital is here to serve you as the best broker in Kenya.

8. Home Africa

Home Africa is a leading real estate investment company in Kenya.

It is, therefore, suitable for anyone who would like to purchase a piece of land, buy an already built house, or have their properties managed.

Some of its notable projects include Batian View, and Matta plains, among others.

Please call Home Africa at +254 716 802 070 for more information on their projects.

Other investment companies in Kenya include

  • Dyer and Blair Investment
  • TransCentury Capital
  • Olympia Capital Holdings
  • NIC Securities Limited
  • Old Mutual securities limited
  • Kurwitu Ventures
  • Suntra Investment Bank
  • Kimisitu Sacco Society
  • KCB Capital Limited

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