Instant Safaricom M-Pesa Loans

In today’s article, we will continue with our series of discussing instant loans in Kenya. Our main focus today is instant Safaricom M-Pesa loans in Kenya.

Safaricom is a leading telecommunications company in Kenya. In Kenya, it has the widest and strongest coverage all over the country.

Safaricom has been in operations in Kenya for more than 19 years. As a result, it has come up with various financial services for its customers.

Let’s now discuss the various instant Safaricom M-Pesa loans below in detail.

List of instant Safaricom M-Pesa Loans


M-Shwari is more than an instant Safaricom M-Pesa loan. It is more of a fluid bank in your pocket. Through M-Shwari, you are able to save and earn interest, lock your savings as well as access microloan.

For this article, we will focus more on the microloan service offered by M-Shwari.

The M-Shwari loan is the most easily accessible mobile loan in Kenya. All that you will need in order to access this loan is to have been a Safaricom M-Pesa user for more than six months

Moreover one can borrow from as little as KES 100 to KES 50,000. No matter what your emergency is, M-Shwari got you covered.

The interest rate is at 7.5% for a repayment period of 30 days. Remember, for you to increase your loan limit you have to be an active M-Pesa as well as M-Shwari user.

KCB M-Pesa

Another way to access an instant Safaricom M-Pesa loan is through the KCB M-Pesa account.

The Kenya Commercial Bank in partnership with M-Pesa offers soft loans to M-Pesa users. All you need to be in order to access this loan is just to be an active M-Pesa user for the past 6 months. If you are looking for the latest coupons and offers available online, in CouponsCollector you can find a wide range of coupons that you can uses to buy what you need.

More to this is that this instant loan facility does not have limited access to KCB account holders only. It is available to each one of us.

Just like M-Shwari, one can access between KES 100 to 50,000 at an interest rate of 7.5% over a period of one month.

If you have been stuck and need financial help, try out KCB M-Pesa today.

Bloom Finance

Bloom finance is an instant loan provided to buy goods merchants who receive their payments through Lipa na M-Pesa facility.

For one to be eligible for this instant Safaricom M-Pesa loan, they have to be goods merchants.

To register for this business loan:

  • Dial *234*4#>
  • Select M-Pesa bloom
  • Add your store number
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Once this is done, you have now officially opted in bloom service

Your loan limit is determined by monitoring your Lipa na M-Pesa till activity. Moreover one can check their loan limit by dialing *234*4#>.

There are two repayment periods provided for Bloom Loan. A 7 days repayment period attracting a 2% interest rate and a 30-day loan charged at a 7% interest rate.

Just like any other loan facility, failure to repay on time will result in you being blacklisted at the CRB.

Feel free to contact Safaricom in case you need any further clarification through


  • Merchant:2222
  • Agent: 2134

Email: [email protected]

M-Pesa Fanikiwa

Recently, M-Pesa launched a new loan product service on a trial basis to its customers.  One can borrow between KES 100 and KES 10,000 at an interest rate of 5% over 30 days.

Therefore, this trial loan facility is slightly cheaper than M-Shwari and KCB M-Pesa.  For this initial pilot phase, the people eligible for this loan facility have been handpicked by Safaricom.

By default therefore, if you have not been selected, you are not eligible for this loan. This pilot project is meant to run for 3 months and after that its fate will be determined.

In all other aspects apart from the interest rate, this loan works the same way as M-Shwari. Therefore if you already have an existing M-Pesa Fanikiwa loan, you are not eligible for another one.

Fuliza M-Pesa

Fuliza is another instant Safaricom M-pesa loan facility in Kenya. This is mostly an overdraft facility which allows you to complete your M-Pesa transcactions even if you have insufficient funds.

However, to access this facility, one has to be registered. Dial *234# in order to opt into Fuliza.

One is not limited to the number of times they have to Fuliza as long as they are operating within their limit.

The minimum amount one can access is KES 1 while the maximum is KES 70,000. Therefore, do not let a low M-Pesa balance limit you from making that transaction, just Fuliza!



Mary Nzoka
Mary is a Financial Genius, having worked as a Financial Manager at a local bank, she has immense knowledge on how the finance and credit world works. She writes about personal finance, business loans, and personal loans.

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