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How To Repay Haraka Loan

Haraka Loan is a product of GetBucks, a South African registered lender providing mobile loans in Africa. The Haraka Loan app is active in countries like Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, and Tanzania.


To access the loan from Haraka, all you have to do is download the App from Google Play Store. With this App, you can borrow quick loans directly to your M-PESA in the range of between Ksh. 500 and Ksh. 5,000.

To get a loan form Haraka loan app, you need to have a facebook account. After installing the application from the Google Play store, just log in or sign up for a free Facebook account.

Choose your loan amount then choose to proceed. If you have been allocated any cash, you will receive a notification message after which you can check your balance upon your credit wallet.

This is not only easy but also simple as no bank accounts are required to open the Haraka account nor bank loan history which can be quite daunting.

How to pay Haraka Loans Using M-PESA

Haraka offers monthly loans ( Loans to be repaid in a period of fewer than 30 days,) with interests of about 10%. When your loan is due you will receive a message such as this one below indicating your loan arrears.


Steps to repay your outstanding Haraka loan

Follow these steps to pay Haraka loan using M-pesa:

  1. Go to your M-PESA menu
  2. Select the option PayBill
  3. Enter the business number 817910
  4. On the account number enter your phone number
  5. Select the amount you want to repay
  6. Enter your PIN number then send

You will receive a confirmation message that the payment has been made.

If you don’t see it, however, do not panic. There is also some negative review about the app having some bags while paying the loans.

Some customers have reported that loans they took and repaid still count on outstanding debts contacting the support, moreover, will help you get a better experience. Contacting the customer care can also help you sort out any issue that you may have.

Taking a screenshot also may be handy as it may serve as evidence in case anything goes wrong, Please consider taking one while making the payment and saving the MPESA confirmation message.

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