How to make money online in Kenya

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This article is one of the many series I will use to show you how to make money online in Kenya. Well, thanks to the affordable internet in Kenya, making money online is now possible and achievable.

All you need is to read this article and have a will to start, and you will surely make money online.

So let’s get direct into how to Make Money Online in Kenya.

Making money online in Kenya requirements

Before we dive into the methods of making money online, allow me to introduce the criteria for making money online.

The requirements are both about you as a person and the tools you need to make money online. Here is what you need to be successful in making money online;

  1. Computer Literate, forget about those scams you hear on Facebook telling you that you can make money on your smartphone. Apart from betting, there is no simple way for you to make money on the phone. You have to know the basics of a computer.
  2. Self-driven – Well, this is self-explanatory.
  3. Patience –  On average, it will take some time for you to make money online in Kenya.
  4. Internet connection, a good computer and time on your side.
  5. Some will require a little monetary investment, but that is if you are running an online business.
  6. A mentor or someone to inspire you.

How can I make money online in Kenya?

Now that you know what you need let me show you how to make money online in Kenya.

1. Freelancing by doing Online Jobs

If you have read my other post on earning money online in Kenya, I mentioned that many Kenyans make money online by doing online jobs.

There are several online jobs in Kenya you can do on the Internet to safely earn a living as long as you want. These types of jobs can be found on Freelancing websites.

List of Genuine Freelancing Sites

These are but a few freelancing websites you can get a job online. I will create a post about these websites later on here.


2. Blogging & Building Niche Sites

Blogging is another sure way of making money online in Kenya. What powers the internet is content, and if you can create content that people consume, you can make money out of it.

Starting a blog is very easy, but to make money, you need a plan, time and great content that will drive traffic to your blog. A blog that receives traffic will make money for sure through the following ways:

  1. Advertising – Through Banner Ads from brands or Ad network such as Google Adsense.
  2. Affiliate Marketing – Placing affiliate link and referring your readers to particular sites and in return earning a commission from that.
  3. Sponsored Content
  4. Brand Mentions

You can start a free blog on or Later on, when you get the feel and flow of blogging, you can buy a domain and secure your hosting.

When you become a skilled blogger, you may want to take it a notch higher by starting a Micro-Niche website. A micro-niche site specialises in a  specific niche. For example, “dogs food”.

These types of blogs work well with affiliate marketing and can be a good source of income, but you need to be an advanced blogger to succeed in this.

3. Make money online in Kenya as a Vlogger

This method of making money in Kenya is becoming popular because of social media and the low costs of video production.

To make money as a Vlogger, you need viral video content or content that will get lots of views online. Your videos can be monetised on Facebook, Instagram or youtube.

Brands are also turning to the internet to look for Vloggers to work with, and you can work with them.

4. Starting an eCommerce Business

We have seen the most popular eCommerce websites how they began, and they started small. The number of Kenyans shopping online has increased, and there is low competition on the part of these shops.

You don’t need to have the stock with you if you deliver, they call it dropshipping. Once an order comes in you, pass it over to your supplier to make the delivery.

The best way to start is to get on a hosted eCommerce platform like Shopify or if you want to build your store get Woocommerce.

5. Merch by Amazon

Amazon has this fantastic platform for selling t-shirts online. All you have to do is to apply and if approved make t-shirt designs and upload to the platform

Amazon will print the t-shirts and deliver to anyone who buys online, and you earn a commission from them.

For more information, Check out Merch by Amazon Website

6. Selling on Marketplaces

These are like supermarkets where different sellers put their products online in a marketplace, and customers buy from them. These marketplaces take care of advertising and delivery. All you have to do is send them products.

Good examples include; Jumia and Kilimall.

There are also Marketplaces for services or digital products such as Fiverr, Etsy, and Themeforest. If you are skilled in art, graphics design or software, you can sell your products and make money online.

7. Selling Courses Online

If you can teach why not take some courses online and earn money while at it? There are many platforms where you can sell your courses. These include; Udemy and Teachable where all you need to do is create an account and place your classes there.


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