Equity Bank to offer American Express Cards

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Equity Bank is one of the largest banks in Africa. It is the most popular bank in Easter Africa and serves overs six East African counties. Equity bank has over 10 million customers. For that reason, the Bank easily becomes one of the biggest commercial banks in the world in customer value. Equity Bank is known for having various services and innovations under the umbrella company. One of the most recent creations of Equity group includes mKey and the recent partnership with American Express.

What is American Express?

American Express is one of the most secure platforms for sending and receiving money. It is widely used in America and other parts of the world. Following the partnership announced by Equity, the bank will become the first institution in Kenya to offer the American Express cards.

Like Visa and Master cards, American Express Cards will range from small business cards, personal cards, prepaid cards, and corporate cards. There is a sense of accomplishment that comes with being an American Express cardholder.

Equity bank will gladly be the first bank to offer the exclusive services of American Express. Some of the services it will offer to its customers will include debits, credits, and gift card.

Equity Bank is a choice of most people in East Africa. This is due to its diverse services and ease of transferring money from one platform to the other. The Equity-PayPal link has been instrumental for Kenyans receiving money through PayPal, or those loading money into their PayPal accounts for other uses. Other major financial partners with Equity bank include MasterCard, Visa, and World Bank.

Winning partnerships with major financial institutions around the world have given Equity bank a financial advantage over other banks. For a long time, Equity Bank was the only bank that facilitated the transfer of money to and from PayPal until the PayPal-M-Pesa partnership was announced.



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