30 Best Business to Start With 20K in Kenya 2022

Kenya has been hailed as a top destination for business, with an ever-growing economy and ample opportunity for new businesses.

But which business should you start if you only have 20,000 Kenyan shillings? This blog post will explore the best options for starting a small business in Kenya.

Whether you’re looking to become your boss or want to take advantage of the country’s growing economy, these are some great business ventures to consider!

What Best Business To Start With 20k in Kenya?

Starting a business with 20k in Kenya is not difficult. These businesses involve the buying reselling of products and services in Kenya.

They often take advantage of rising commodity prices to turn a profit; they are quick and easy to make money in Kenya.

The following are business ideas that you can start with 20k:

Import unique stuff from china

This is one of the best businesses to start with 20k in Kenya because it involves importing unique stuff from china and reselling them here in Kenya. It’s profitable since many of the things you import from china are not available in Kenya.

For example, these are the goods that you can import from china with 20k

  1. Toddler shoes and clothes
  2. Beauty products
  3. kitchen wear
  4. Gifts cards
  5. Scented candles and many more

Selling grocery items

The goods required for starting a grocery-based business are easy to find here in Kenya; they are cheap and easily available.

Also, you don’t require a lot of space to store the goods. The items needed for this business include groceries like

  • Maize
  • Beans
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits. etc

Another great news is that with access to the internet nowadays you can decide to sell online at the comfort of your home and do deliveries.

Car wash

Car wash is a profitable business and easy to start and maintain. To consider is to find a spot that is easily accessible to most people and with a steady flow of traffic.

The required items for starting a car wash include:

  • Water tank
  • Soap bucket
  • Hosepipe etc

All the equipment can be bought at around 20k in Kenya. As you start this business, it’s important to set goals for yourself to expand and upgrade.

Poultry farming business

Poultry farming is a growing business in Kenya, it’s profitable, and the money you make from selling eggs can improve your poultry farm.

It has a ready market since the cost of eggs and meat is constantly rising and in high demand.

The required items for starting a poultry farm include:

  • Chickens
  • Feeders
  • Drinking troughs etc

To start a successful poultry farm, you require a large, well-ventilated space and security from predators.

Home Bakers

Cakes are in high demand, and many people buy cakes for their relatives and loved ones.

Constantly people buy a home-baked cake for birthdays, weddings, graduation, and other occasions.

A person can bake cakes at home with basic tools, like a bread baking pan, cake decorating device, etc. Baking tools are easily available in Kenya, and they are cheap and affordable.

If you love baking, this is a great business venture to start.

Selling bags and shoes for ladies

These are some of the things that are in high demand. As you go about buying shoes and bags, the chances are that people will ask you where you purchased them from.

This business to start requires little money; all you need is 20k in Kenyan shillings. The most important thing is having access to a reliable supplier of these goods at affordable prices.

Another important tip is to make sure you ensure shoes and bags are of high quality, helping your business thrive.

Invest in cryptocurrencies

The digital currency market is enormously growing, and cryptocurrency investment can go a long way for your business.

As you invest, there are many pros and cons to consider, among them include:

  • The currency is anonymous

Anonymity is a major advantage, but it can also be a disadvantage when you cash in your investment.

  • It’s unregulated

There are no rules and regulations governing cryptocurrencies, making them easy to use for illegal activities.

  • Price swings

Another challenge with investing in digital currency is the price swings. It’s risky business when you don’t know when the price will increase or decrease.

Movie shop business

If you love watching movies, this business idea is perfect for you. You don’t need a large space to start the business, and neither do you require a lot of money.

When starting such a business, What’s important is finding access to a good film and ensuring your movie shop runs successfully.

Tailoring business

You can start this business either at home or in a shop when it comes to tailoring. Often, people need clothes, and getting your services is not difficult if you have the required skills and tools for sewing.

The important thing here is making sure you find a market for your products before starting such a business. You don’t want to end up sitting with a stock of clothes you cannot sell.

Youtube channel business

It’s now easy to start a youtube channel and earn an income from it. With the price of smartphones coming down, many people have access to smartphones and can use them to record videos.

All you need is a good idea for your video and the required recording skills. YouTube works as a platform that hosts different kinds of videos, some of which earn a good income.

Another important part is monetizing your youtube channel by selling advertising space to companies that are willing to pay you money for it.

When deciding on this business, the important thing is starting small and developing a following on your youtube channel. Once you have an audience, you’ll find the work much easier.

Blogging business

Blogging is an easy way of developing a following online. People worldwide visit websites to get information and learn more about different topics.

You need to pick a topic that you are knowledgeable about or one that interests you; this will ensure you have enough material for your blog posts.

The important part of blogging is to ensure you have a website with a domain name. It’s important to register your business online so that people can find you easily and read your content.

You might wonder how much money one requires to start such a business, but it doesn’t take much to get started. You only need access to a computer with an internet connection and relevant skills for writing.

Affiliate marketing business

Affiliate marketing is popular online, and one can earn a lot of money from such a business. Many companies offer affiliate programs to potential customers, which you can sign up for and earn a commission.

All you need to do is find a relevant company, become an affiliate marketer, and successfully promote its products.

It would be best if you considered here that much work goes into running this business. It takes a lot of time and effort before you can make any money from it.

Second-hand clothes business

There are many second-hand clothes shops, which has led to a lot of competition in the market. It would be best to come up with a unique way of generating business and making a profit.

It’s important not to copy other people’s work, and you need to create your style and ensure your customers can easily find what they are looking for.

You don’t need much money to start this business. It’s possible to run it from home or open a shop depending on what you are comfortable with.

The important thing here is the right marketing strategy that will generate enough customers for your shop.


  • Starting a business requires much more than just money; you need to have the right ideas and effort.
  • You don’t have to come up with the idea that will make millions, but it should generate enough income for you.
  • It’s important not to rush into starting any business, and you need to take your time and think carefully about what you want before you can get the right results.
  • It’s important to follow your passions when starting a business. This will ensure you are in it for the long term and that your customers will return again and again.
  • Starting a business takes time and dedication, but you’ll be rewarded greatly if you do it right.


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